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Medieval Russia Links and Research

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The links on this page are merely a selection of my most-used links. A much, much larger list of dead links can be found at the Russian Knowledge Page. I am the one responsible for updating (or not updating) the site, so my personal links eventually find their way there.

I don't exactly know why I decided to devote most of my free time (like I'm not busy enough as is) to researching old Russia, but these things happen. As a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (see my SCA page), I felt a need to choose a persona that I could re-create. I had taken Russian in high school before finding the SCA and it seemed a logical transition to take on a Russian persona. Little did I know what this minor interest would grow into. Besides, nothing I do is allowed to be easy.

These pages are devoted to researching Russia before Peter the Great came into power, what a number of people regard as the middle ages of Russia. For my purposes I define the Middle Ages of Russia as about 600 CE to about 1650 CE. Here you will find links devoted to Russian costuming, culture, food, history and anything else I can get my hands on. The Slavic and East European part of my research is a bit smaller.


  • My ongoing big project is making a wedding outfit. It started out as part of the Russian Wedding project, but since I have since divorced, the wedding is on hold. Indefinitely. Probably forever. Oh well.

    I plan on making a sarafan, pearled boots, and lots of little dowry items like embroidered towels and the like. Might as well make pretty things to enjoy. I tend to be a perfectionist, so this particualr project will probably take the rest of my lifetime. Girl's gotta have a hobby.... back to top


    This has gotten way too large to scroll through (it's not a closet, it's an entire room!), so I have moved it to a separate page. Go browse through my costume page.
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    In the interest of saving the world from repetitive stress injury, I have moved the fridge to a new page. Your wrist will thank me.
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    • Erik the Pale's Home Page: Start here for a nice Russian timeline, an introduction to the Kievan Rus', and a good list of sources.
    • Russian History: Click on the "history" link for time-lines, the family tree of the House of Rurik and many, many more links related to medieval Russia.
    • Russian History and Trivia
    • Lectures on Russian History from 800 to 1800: These are RealAudio streaming downloads of a whole semester's worth of Russian History. The course was taught by Petrovich who was a former professor at the University of Madison at Wisconsin, which is where I now attend. Unlike most Russian History classes, these lectures do not in any way gloss over the early years. I have listened to these on cassette and they are absolutely WONDERFUL! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
    • The New Varangian Guard: A branch of a group that focuses on the interaction between Byzantium and the Kievan Rus' in the period 969-1015AD. A very nicely set-up and informative site.
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  • Language
  • Fonts and Calligraphy
    • Yamada Fonts:good download site with examples, mostly Macintosh
  • Folklore and Holidays
  • Paganism: Russia was not officially Christianized until 988 C.E.
  • Orthodoxy back to top

    ART and MUSIC

  • Russian Art: Graphics of Russian art from various time periods
  • Icons
  • Music
  • Pysanky Pages (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)
  • Palekh Home Page: Oooo. Pretty laquerware boxes.
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    My ex-husband is the founder of the Slavic Interest Group, a resource for the research of all things Slavic, not just Russian. I love to tell people that if it weren't for me, he would never have gotten interested in Slavic things at all, and look what we all would have missed out on. It's true, his SCA persona is 13th century England!

  • SCA Based Resources
  • Non-SCA Resources back to top
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    Do you have any suggestions for me or know of any links that I have missed?
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