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Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

SCA Name: Nicolaa de Bracton. When I'm feeling Russian, I'm Nika Serge'va.
Awards: Laurel, Dragon's Heart (MK service award), an assortment of Ealdormere Principality awards and baronial awards.
Location: Just relocated from Canton of Eoforwic, Ealdormere (Toronto ON) to Marche of Tirnewydd, Middle (Columbus, OH)

Persona Information: Kept the persona I developed for the 11th century Novgorod event, except moved up to 1246 to be exactly contemporary with my 13th century English main persona.
SCA Interests: Researched and ran a theme event set in 11th century Novgorod. Interests are Russian costuming (any period, but I particularly like the earlier stuff) and Ukranian embroidery. Love to learn Russian someday. Also interested in history of just about everywhere. Other SCA interests--costuming and textiles, pewter casting, calligraphy, archery.
Other Information: Former Principality Chronicler for Ealdormere. Also served as a chronicler on baronial and local levels, and as a Principality staff herald. No portfolio at the moment :-).

Modern Name: Susan Carroll-Clark
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