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Russian Costume: Medieval and Otherwise

Russian Costuming: Medieval and Otherwise

This is my first love in all things Russian. I used to build theater costumes as a job and I still make SCA costumes as a hobby. I like making clothing from all different time periods and cultures, but I find Russian costuming the most challenging. While there is quite a lot of info about Russian costume from the 18th century to the present, very little documentation exists for the time period I like to play in. I try not to simply look at 18th and 19th century sources and say "things didn't change all that much in Russia's past", but it is hard.

I will try to put anything I find out about period Russian costuming here, but I don't like to publish anything until I am absolutely sure about the accuracy of my research. I am planning on putting up a dictionary of Russian costuming terms that should prove useful and I have some other ideas I'd rather not talk about until I actually get off my butt and start working on them. Meanwhile, here are some sites you might want to visit.

  • Costume Decoration and Accessories
  • The History of Costume Pages
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